Johnson, J. P.. 236 Townsend street.—Employs 6 men, 6 women. 
Hejhal, F., 443 W. Nineteenth street.—A four-story, crowded tenement 
house in front, two-story building in rear, with shop in second story and 
sheds and closets below it; contractor lives on promises, and living rooms 
and shop were found extremely filthy; ordered to clean and keep clean, 
and to separate shop from living rooms; three windows of shop on alley, 
and alley reeking with the refuse of adjacent stables; closets on premises 
out of order; machines run by foot-power; employs 1 man, 7 women. 
Johnson, Frank, 81 Elm street.—Second floor; employs 8 men, 14 women, 
1 boy and 1 girl under 16 years. 
Jerebek, Vine, 964 W. Nineteenth street.—Shop in second story of two- 
story tenement house on rear of lot; entrance same as used by tenants; 
contractor lives on premises; windows of shop on foul alley in rear and 
unsa iitary outbuildings on both sides; machines run by foot power; em- 
ploys 4 men, 5 women, 1 boy and 3 girls under 16 years. 
Kolor, Frank, 376 W. Fourteenth street.—Double, deep, three-story tene- 
ment house on front of lot; shop in rear building, over sheds and closets, 
surrounded by a foul yard; contractor lives on premises; employs 3 men, 4 
Litusky, G., 70 Emma street.—Found not working. 
Kotiba, James, 174 W. Nineteenth street.—Deep, four-story tenement 
house in front; shop in second story of building on rear of lot: low, poorly 
ventilated, with windows on alley and back yard, over-crowded; closets 
out of order: machines run by foot power: contractor lives on premises; 
employs 5 men, 6 women, 1 boy and 1 girl under 16 years. 
Lindsten, F. J., 81 Elm street.—Third floor; employs 8 men, 29 women, 
1 boy and one girl under 16 years. 
Libera, Joseph, 770 Allport street.—Shop in frame building, rear of lot, 
with four-story building packed with tenants in front; no separate closets 
for women; machines run by foot power; contractor lives on premises; shop 
windows on alley, and ventilation bad; 3 men, 7 women, 3 machines and 
2 tables in shop, which is 16x20. 
Nelson, K., 81 Elm street,—Employs 6 men, 13 women, 2 girls under 16 
Megrdle, Anton, 471 W. Fifteenth street.—An old, two-story and base- 
ment frame tenement house; shop in basement, with front windows on 
unsanitary yard, side windows obscured by high board fences; machines 
run by foot-power; contractor lives on premises, with door from shop into 
kitchen; employs 3 men, 4 women, and 1 boy and 3 girls under 16 years. 
Vondracek, F,, 665 Henry street.—Found not working. 
Mydlil, Joseph, 444 W. Nineteenth street.—At this number is a three- 
story and basement tenement house on front of lot: on the rear of lot 
another three-story and basement building, used for closets, sheds, living 
purposes and shop; the shop is in second story, with windows on alley, 
and the contractor's living rooms in 
 with open doors between: filth 
and dirt of every description were all over the premises at time of inspec- 
tion, and on bedding hung to air outside the shop, on landing, vermin 
were found; no separate closet for women; machines run by foot-power; 6 
men, 6 women, 1 boy under 16 years at work; ordered to separate shop 
from dwelling. 
Moravec, Joseph, 90 Emma street.—Employs 1 man, 3 women. 
Ralik, Fred, 616 Throop street.—Employs 3 men, 4 women, 2 girls under 
16 years; a frightful location, with swarming three-story and basement 
rotten frame tenement house in front; four-story brick building in rear, 
the shop in second story of this, with windows on alley; living rooms of 
contractor in front, and door between. 
Salava, M., 70 Emma street.—Basement shop, rear; employs 1 man, 1