Jaroslav Huptuk, a feeble-minded dwarf, whose affida- 
vit shows him. to be nearly sixteen years of age. This 
child weighed and measured almost exactly the same as 
a normal boy aged eight years and three months. Jaros- 
lav can neither read nor write in any language, nor speak 
a consecutive sentence. Besides being dwarfed, he is so 
deformed as to be a monstrosity. Yet, with all these 
disqualifications for any kind of work, he has been em-, 
ployed for several years at an emery-wheel in a cutlery 
works in the nineteenth ward, finishing knife-blades and 
bone handles, until, in addition to his other misfortunes, 
he is now tuberculous. Dr. Holmes, having examined 
this boy, pronounced him unfit for work of any kind. His 
mother appealed from this to a medical college, where, 
however, the examining physician not only refused the 
lad a medical certificate of physical fitness for work, but 
exhibited him to the students as a monstrosity worthy 
of careful observation. 
The kind of grinding at which this boy was employed 
has been prohibited in England for minors since 1863, 
by reason of the prevalence of grinders' phthisis among 
those who begin the work young. And no boy, however 
free from Huptuk's individual disabilities, can grow up 
a strong man in this nineteenth ward cutlery, because 
no officer of the State can require the walls to be white- 
washed, and the grinding and finishing rooms to be ven- 
tilated with suction pipes for withdrawing steel and 
bone dust from the atmosphere, as it is the duty of the 
English inspectors to do in English cutleries employing 
only adults. 
Joseph Poderovsky, aged fourteen years, was found by 
a deputy inspector running a heavy buttonhole machine