the following certificate, written upon the prescription 
blank of a physician in good and regular standing : 
" This is to certify that I have examined Annie Cihlar, 
and found her in a physiological condition." A test case 
was made to ascertain the value of the medical certificate 
clause, and the judge decided that this certificate was 
void, and imposed a fine upon the employer for failing 
to obtain a certificate in accordance with the wording of 
the law. The child then went to another physician, and 
obtained the following certificate : " To whom it may 
concern: This is to certify that I have this day examined 
Annie Cihlar, and find her, in my opinion, healthy. She 
is well-developed for her age ; muscular system in good 
condition ; muscles are hard and solid ; lungs and heart 
are normal. The muscles of right side of trunk are 
better developed than upon the left side, which has a 
tendency to draw spine to that side. I cannot find no 
desease [sic] of the spine." The sweater, taught by ex- 
perience, declined to re-engage this child until this cer- 
tificate was approved by the inspector, and the inspector 
of course refused to approve it. 
Not always, however, does the illiteracy of a physician 
afford an opportunity to have a certificate issued by him 
declared worthless. If the certificate formally meets 
the requirement of the law, the child must be left at 
work, no matter what the effect upon its health, present 
and future. The same is true where inspectors have 
tried to save children from danger to life and limb, by 
requiring health certificates for them when found work- 
ing amidst dangerous machinery. There is in the Illinois