The following shows the cost of living : — 
Average yearly cost of food for a family of 4.4 
persons ($5.60 a week) $291.20 
Average yearly cost of clothing for a family of 4.4 
persons 56.24 
Average yearly rent ($10.31 a month) . 123.72 
Average number of rooms, 2.7. 
Percentage of total income spent in rent, previous to 1893, 
Percentage of total income spent in rent during 1893-1894, 
when practically no cloaks were made, 96 
Of 150 persons scheduled, 67% reported indebtedness. 
In Chicago, Mr. Abram Bisno, for ten years a cloak- 
maker, at present a State deputy factory inspector, has 
made a careful study of conditions in his trade, and for 
that purpose made averages on the wage record-books 
of 250 cloakmakers in his union. These wage record- 
books give amounts actually paid through an entire year 
to each of 250 cloakmakers. The yearly incomes so 
obtained ranged between $408, the lowest, to $450, the 
highest amount earned in a year by machine-workers in 
the trade. The average was very near $430. The 
amount earned by hand-workers is less. Their yearly 
incomes range between $300 and $350, the average 
being very near $325. The wages paid to girls em- 
ployed in the trade are $6.50 or $7.00 weekly. Obtain- 
ing from this estimate a mean wage, and computing from 
I In many cases the computations show $108 yearly rent, and 
between $75 and $100 yearly earnings, these being, of course, cases of 
men who have been out of work ten months or more.