Bohemian, and then enter the public schools. They 
have separate halls, theatres, and societies. When the 
priests refused to baptize, marry, or bury the members 
of these societies, they separated entirely, and now even 
have their own cemetery. There are one hundred and 
sixty societies, all of which have some benevolent object, 
such as paying death-benefits, supporting schools, etc. 
Besides these, there are eleven singing and dramatic 
clubs. The latter clubs give several plays during the 
season, and the money made is donated to some good. 
cause. There is a great deal of rivalry between these 
amateur actors, and they do not hesitate to try their 
abilities on the best of Shakespeare's or Sardou's 
The freethinkers publish three daily newspapers and 
seven weeklies, so that the Bohemians publish in all six- 
teen newspapers in Chicago. 
In 1860 several of the Bohemian-Slavonian young 
men organized a Lincoln Rifle Company, and this was 
the first regiment that went from Chicago to fight for 
the Union ; and to-clay the best monument in the Bohe- 
mian cemetery speaks of the patriotism of those early 
immigrants, who had already learned to love their 
adopted country so well as to be ready to lay down 
their lives for its preservation. Year after year their 
fellow-countrymen gather about this monument, and 
with flowers and addresses honor the memory of their 
fallen brethren. 
In political life almost all the old settlers, before and