settlement accepts the ethics of its contemporaries that 
the sharing of the life of the poor is essential to the 
understanding and bettering of that life ; but by its very 
existence it adopts this modern code somewhat formally. 
The social injury of the meanest man not only becomes 
its concern, but by virtue of its very locality it has put 
itself into a position to see, as no one but a neighbor 
can see, the stress and need of those who bear the brunt 
of the social injury. A settlement has not only taken 
a pledge towards those thus injured, but it is placed 
where the motive-power for the fulfilment of such a 
pledge is constantly renewed. Propinquity is an un- 
ceasing factor in its existence. 
A review of the sewing-trades, as seen from a settle- 
ment, will be sufficient to illustrate this position. 
Hull-House is situated in the midst of the sweaters' 
district of Chicago. The residents came to the district 
with the general belief that organization for working- 
people was a necessity. They would doubtless have 
said that the discovery of the poiver to combine was the 
distinguishing discovery of our time ; that we are using 
this force somewhat awkwardly, as men use that which 
is newly discovered. In social and political affairs the 
power to combine often works harm ; but it is already 
operating to such an extent in commercial affairs, that 
the manufacturer who does not combine with others of 
his branch is in constant danger of failure ; that a rail- 
road cannot be successfully projected unless the interests 
of parallel roads are consulted ; and that working-peo- 
ple likewise cannot be successful until they too, learn, 
skilfully to avail themselves of this power. 
This was to the residents, as to many people, an