in the attention paid to the matter of pictures and casts. 
The Madonnas of Raphael, in the best and largest pho- 
tographs, are hung low, that the children may see them, 
as well as casts from Donatello and Della Robbia. The 
children talk in a familiar way to the babies on the wall, 
and sometimes climb upon the chairs to kiss them. 
Surely much is gained if one can begin in a very little 
child to make a truly beautiful thing truly beloved. An 
experienced kindergartner is in charge of the nursery. 
She has the constant assistance of two women. 
The last building added to the equipment of Hull- 
House includes a public coffee and lunch room, a New 
England kitchen, a gymnasium, with shower-baths, and 
men's club-room, supplied with billiard and card tables. 
The use of the gymnasium is divided between men and 
women, girls and boys, at different hours. The evening 
hours are reserved more especially for men. The gym- 
nasium, being now the largest room in the possession of 
the settlement, is necessarily used on certain evenings 
as an audience room, and as a reception and ball room 
by the various clubs. 
holds a reception there once a month, and an occasional 
banquet. This club, which rents a room in the front 
of the building, is composed of one hundred and fifty of 
the abler citizens and more enterprising young men 
of the vicinity. Their constitution commits them, among 
other things, to the " cultivation of sobriety and good- 
fellowship." They are not without political influence in 
the ward, and are a distinct factor in its social life, as 
all of their social undertakings have been remarkably