Strange Material Used 
in Making "Store Pies." 

 LOUIS, Mo., April S.—Tito National 

 league began Its tumnal SOB- 
sloe today, the executive committee 
meeting this morning to bear the reports 
of committees, 
Mrs. Florence Kelley conducted an exhibit to 
demonstrate the adulteration of foods. 
"Let us consider what commonly la calle'd 
'Pineapple Me; " said Mrs, Kelley. "Maybe 
you think that delicacy as it comes from many 
bakeries is composed largely of pineapple. Not 
at rill. It Is a composition of artificial flour 
paste, glucose, benzoic acid, end coal tar dye. 
he' pineapples' that make the /tiler are liquids 
that are sold' by the pint and quart." 
Other pastries were described by Ors. Kelley 
00 follows: 

Is need. 
Apple tart—Mostly timothy seed and an ani- 
line dye note from bituminous coal refuse, 
Chocolate Icing—Art...1 flour pasta glu• 
case, benzoic acid, and burnt umber dyd. 
Mrs. Kelley sold she would as soon eat a mad 
P. as a plum pie from a bakery. Sho also said 
that some baking powders were made by grind- 
ing white stone to a fine dust 
* to 
Society at Nation's Capital. 
Washington, D. C„ April 8.—(Special.)—Mrs. 
Wilmot, accompanied by Miss Helen Woodrow 
Bones, alisalsabollt L. Hague, President Mt- 
son's cousin, John Wilson, Copt Alfred El. Wil- 
son, and Dr, Cary T. Grayson, wan present in 
the executive seat in the gallery or the lionse 
today when President Wilson delivered his Ines- 
.. to congress. An informal luncheon fol- 
lowed at the White House. 
The president and Mrs. Wilson received the 
delegates to the Cotton Growers' association 
and their wives in the cast room of the White 
House this afternoon. Later, Mrs. Wilson was 

 to a number of friends who called by 
appointment Mist Bones assisted end Miss 
Isabella La Hamer eresided et the tea table. 
Mrs. Thomas Riley Marshall, who with a 
party of friends was among the large contin- 
gent of notable women In the house mdlerles 
today, was given n tea and dance this after- 
noon by Mrs. Louis Bennett And her daughter, 
Miss Agra Bennett. 
Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Marshall received to- 
gether, several members of the cabinet circle 
standing for a limo with Mrs, Bennett and Mrs. 
Marshall during the afternoon. The assistants 
were Mrs. Arthur Lee, Mrs. Fleming Howell, 
Mrs. Joseph Rucker Lamar, Ors, George T. 
Porter, Mrs. John W. Davis, Mrs. Robert Crane, 
Mrs. Percy Goff, and Mrs. William E. Chilton, 
Miss Agra Bennett had with her Miss Agnes 
Hart Wilson, daughter of the secretary of labor 
and Mra Wilson, and a group of girls, Includ- 
ing Miss Lucy lIoke Smith, Mist Mary flowery, 
Mins Genevieve Clerk, Miss Sallie Williams, 
Miss Desha Allen, Miss Meta Evans, Mies Ruth 
Hitchcock, and Miss Margaret MoChord. 
Beta Theta Pi Plans Ball. 
The annual ball of Beta Theta PI fraternity 
to bo given by the chapters at Northwestern 
and Chicago universitlea tvlli take place on 
Friths, In the Hotel La Enna The dancing will 
ha 1n the largo ball room, and supper will be 
served In the red room. Among the patron- 
esses will be Mrs, William S. Ilefferan, Mrs. 
George M. Eckel, Mrs, 'William Lyman, and 
Mrs. F. A. Long. The grand march will be led 
by Miss Dorothy Martin, Northwestern '15, and 
George Scanlon, Northwestern '13, and Miss 
Effie Marie llowitt, Chicago '13, and W. S. Ha- 
rm. Jr., Chicago 'IL Miss Martin is a mem- 
ber of the Kappa Alpha Theta aorority and 
Mr. Scanlon n. member of both the football and 
basket ball teams of his soilage. Mies Hewitt 
Is secretary of the student council at Chicago 
university, a member or the Quadrangle club, and 
led the senior prom this year. Mr, Hafferan . 
treasurer of both the senior class and the Chi- 
cago Literary Monthly, and in also tha 
'manager of the dramatic club. 
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