ing his books, when the former, wishing to evince his con- 
tempt for all the refinements of this world—particularly 
those that were manifested by boys of his own age spat 
sneeringly and contemptuously at the latter's feet and 
landed a nice spatter of tobacco-juice on his toes. This 
enraged Cowperwood greatly. Like a flash, though natu- 
rally calm, he dropped his books and went for his opponent. 
He wore a silver ring on his right hand which his mother 
had given him, and curiously it flashed into his mind m a 
lightning calculation to take it off, but he did not. In- 
stead, he planted his right fist swift and straight on young 
McGlathery's jaw, then his left in the same place, then 
his right on the latter's mouth, then his left square be- 
tween the latter's mouth and nose. 
It was a terrific onslaught, quick and ugly, to which his 
opponent returned with enthusiasm, but he was no match 
for his new adversary. The latter forced him back 
steadily, and as he retreated Frank followed him. There 
was a crowd in a moment, for Spat was considered 
a star fighter of the gang; but Cowperwood drove him by 
sheer force and swiftness all about the sidewalk. He was 
not thinking of the crowd. He was thinking how 
thoroughly he could "lick" this bully and in how short 
a time. Red Gilligan, who was standing amazedly by, 
was delighted. He did not know that this nice-look- 
ing "mama's boy," as they called all the refined youths 
of the neighborhood, could do anything of the sort. 
To see Spat McGlathery, whom he greatly admired 
as a "scrapper," being drubbed in this way, and to 
realize yet as he did that Spat would scorn assistance, 
even though licked, and that therefore this was one of 
those admirable contests which one could judge on its 
merits, was inspiring. He followed them around, pushing 
the other "hickeys," as the bad boys of the gang were 
called, aside, and seeing that what he called fair play was 
had. He had on a red shirt, a brown coat, much too 
short for him, a baggy pair of trousers, fastened about