clasping hands with, and Traynor Fox, now bowing to 
him. Suddenly, as he thought, out of the cold, where 
gusty winds were and the flicker of gas-lamps, came Aileen 
and Norah, the former throwing off a thin net veil of 
black lace and a dolman of black silk, which her brother 
Owen was taking. Callum was with Norah, a 
erect, smiling young Irishman who looked as though he 
might carve a notable career for himself. Norah was in 
a short, girlish dress that came to a little below her shoe• 
tops, a pale-figured lavender-and-white silk, with a fluffy 
hoop-skirt of dainty lace-edged ruffles, against which tiny 
bows of lavender stood out in odd places. There was a 
great sash of lavender about her waist, and in her hair 
a rosette of the same material. She had an incurving 
nose, small and sweet, and looked exceedingly girlish and 
winsome—quite eager and bright-eyed. Cowperwood 
thought of her heavy, stolid father and mother. How 
much of their primary unworkable clay was in her? 
But behind her was her sister in ravishing black satin, 
scaled as a fish with glistening crimsoned-silver sequins, 
her round, smooth arms bare to the shoulders, her cor- 
sage cut as low in the front and back as her daring, in 
relation to her sense of the proprieties, permitted. She 
was naturally of exquisite figure—Diana-formed, erect, 
full-breasted, with somewhat more than gently swelling 
hips, which, nevertheless, sunk away in lovely, harmoni- 
ous lines; and this low-cut corsage, receding back and front 
into a deep V, above a short, gracefully draped overskirt 
of black tulle and silver tissue, set her off to perfection. 
It was only the intense vigor of her personality which 
seemed to emphasize, and, in a way, over-emphasize the 
significance of all her lines and features. Her full, smooth, 
roundly modeled neck was enhanced in its cream-pink 
whiteness by an inch-wide necklet of black jet cut in many 
faceted black squares. Her complexion, naturally high 
in tone because of the pink of health, was enhanced by 
the tiniest speck of black court-plaster laid upon her cheek- 
8 217