him, a palace somewhere—just they two. Her eyes, half 
closed, saw this happy world; and her ears, listening, were 
"Hanged if I see the way out of this, exactly. But I 
love you!" He caught her to him. " I love you—love 
"Oh yes," she replied; " I want you to. I'm not 
"I've taken a house in North Tenth Street," he said, 
finally, as they walked out to the horses. " It isn't fur- 
nished yet; but it will be, soon. I have a woman who 
will be in charge." 
"Who is she?" 
"An interesting widow of nearly fifty. Very intel- 
ligent—she is attractive, and knows a good deal of life. 
I found her through an advertisement. You might call 
on her some afternoon when things are arranged, and look 
the place over. You needn't meet her except in a casual 
way. Will you ?" 
She rode on, thinking, making no reply. He was so 
direct and practical in his calculations. 
" Will you? It will be all right. You might know her. 
She isn't objectionable in any way. Will you ?" 
" Let me know when it is ready," was all she said,