tificates well enough, but that he had not been able to 
deposit them, and had been compelled to use the check 
and the certificates for another purpose. True enough, 
he had not thought he was going to fail, though he had 
not seen any way out at the time. It was more a matter 
of hope than anything else. Would a jury take any stock 
in that ? Steger asked himself. 
The young banker sat there staring out of the window, 
and Steger observed, " It is a bit complicated, isn't it ?" 
"Well, I should say so," returned Frank; and he added 
to himself : " Jail! Five days in prison!" That would be 
a terrific slap, all things considered. Five days in jail 
pending the obtaining of a certificate of reasonable doubt, 
if one could be obtained! He must avoid this! He got 
up and went out to a creditors' meeting with Steger; but 
the thought was with him all the time. Jail! The 
penitentiary! His commercial reputation would never 
survive that.