am terribly rushed. You don't know. Has anything 
new developed with your father?" 
" No. I only saw him for a few minutes this morning. 
He's very busy. I know he is thinking of me, though. 
I saw it by his looks. Oh, poor daddy! But never mind 
that. What about you? You haven't really failed, have 
you? I heard them say you had." 
"Heard who say?" 
" Callum and Owen." 
" Not failed, no. I've assigned temporarily for the 
benefit of my creditors. My lawyer is drawing up the 
papers. But don't let that worry you, pet," he added, 
as he saw a widening look of distress in her eyes. "I'll 
come out all right. Stocks are going to recover shortly. 
I'm going to assign all my holdings in favor of my largest 
creditors. You don't understand that, Aileen; but you 
needn't worry about it. I'll be quite all right again in a 
few months. Things are going to be better than ever. 
I'll go right on. There are a lot of things in connection 
with it all that I ought to be attending to right now. 
So there is nothing new at your house?" 
He seemed a little preoccupied to Aileen, as he might 
well; but she did not quite see why he should neglect 
her in his thoughts. Still, his troubles were now obvious- 
ly so great that she could forgive him temporarily. They 
had little altercations at times, as all lovers do; but she 
did not crave one now. 
" Oh, sweet, I'm disturbed about you," she replied, 
earnestly. "Isn't there a single thing I can do to help 
you?" He smiled genially but sardonically at this. "I 
know— Oh, women are so helpless." She threw back 
her head and looked away wearily. 
"Baby, it's sweet of you to think of this, but it can't 
be done. You don't understand finance. I have to 
go it alone. There isn't a thing you can do but love 
me, and that is all I want from you. It is a good