He tightened his arms around her, and she took his 
head in her hands. 
"Oh, I do that; but Frank—honey, it is so little! If 
I could only be with you! If I could only share in some 
way! I know you are in trouble. I can feel it." 
He shut her mouth with his. 
" There, there, pet, don't worry. I'll come out all 
right. I really will," he said, for almost the first time 
in his life emotionally moved by her keen sympathy and 
tenderness. It was a new sensation. " It's a little rough 
just now, but I will be all right later." 
He could not talk finance to her. She was too incapable 
of understanding. 
" For the present it is all over with Nine-thirty-one, I 
suppose," he said, referring to the North Tenth Street 
domicile, and thinking of the resources which its contents 
offered. His day of any such liberal provision for pro- 
fane love was temporarily over. Besides, the house was, 
no doubt, watched. " I'll have to close that up and get 
a new address shortly. Meanwhile we'd better say here 
again on Saturday, unless it rains; and if it does, make it 
Monday. You can't come over to the house very well, 
either, just at present." He was thinking of her father. 
Aileen realized the danger of it all. 
"No," she replied, " I can't; that's so. I hadn't 
thought of that. And just when you need me most. 
What shall we do ?" 
He did feel a special craving for affection just now, 
when everything was going so badly, but he did not let 
it master him. 
"You mustn't fret. Things are coming out. Just be 
patient now. I'll find some place where we can meet." 
They looked at the long, stream-skirted road, where 
was no one, and listened to the ripple of the water over 
the stones. There were birds singing in the autumn- 
tinted foliage overhead, and a general air of restfulness 
and peace here centered in great beauty. The thought 
.43 7