"You'll do nothing of the sort. You'll come here and 
live with me as my guest." 
"No, I won't! If I can't pay I won't come," replied 
Aileen. " You'll have to let me do that." She knew 
that the Calligans could not afford to keep her. 
"Well, we'll not talk about that now, anyhow," re- 
plied Mrs. Calligan. " You can come when you like and 
stay as long as you like. Reach me some clean napkins, 
Aileen remained for luncheon, and afterward went 
away satisfied that her chiefest problem had been solved. 
Now her way was clear. She could come here if she 
wanted to. It was all a matter of collecting a few neces- 
sary things, or coming without bringing anything away. 
She must now go to meet Cowperwood in the hope that 
he had been able to keep his appointment and would have 
something to suggest.