absolutely wild, inhuman, senseless thing. Where could 
she go, except to Cowperwood? She was on the verge 
of a public scandal, and this would produce it. There 
was just one thing to do as far as he could see. Cowper- 
wood, if he were still in Philadelphia, would know. He 
had her in complete control. He would go to him— 
threaten, cajole, actually destroy him, if necessary. 
Aileen must come back. She need not go to Europe, 
perhaps, but she must come back and behave herself at 
least until Cowperwood could legitimately marry her. 
That was all he could expect now. She would have to 
wait, and some day perhaps he could bring himself to 
accept her wretched proposition. Horrible thought! It 
would kill her mother, disgrace her sister. He got up, 
took down his hat, put on his overcoat, and started out.