after Monday, and how she would act generally once he 
was where she could not confer with him as often as she 
chose. He was very anxious to talk to her on many 
counts, not the least of which was that of his love, and 
his sorrow at being compelled to part with her in this way. 
Aileen, who through all this long period of disaster had 
been repeating her assurances of faith and affection, was 
no less emphatic in her protestations than she had ever 
been; in fact, was much more so. She went at her beloved 
in that direct, forceful way which only she could attempt 
with him, a sort of mannish impetuosity which he both 
enjoyed and admired, and slipping her arms around his 
neck, said: " Honey, you needn't tell me. I saw it in the 
papers the other morning. Don't you mind, honey. I love 
you. I'll wait for you. I'll be with you yet, if it takes 
a dozen years of waiting. It doesn't make any difference 
to me if it takes a hundred, only I'm so sorry for you, 
sweetheart. I'll be with you every day through this, 
darling, loving you with all my might. Oh, my lovely 
Frank, my boy!" 
She caressed his solid head while he looked at her in 
that quiet way which betokened at once his self-poise 
and yet his interest and satisfaction in her. He couldn't 
help loving Aileen, he thought. He couldn't help admiring 
her tremendously, now more than ever, because literally, 
in spite of all his intellectual strength, he really could 
not rule her. She went at him, even when he stood off 
in a calm, critical way, as if he were her special property, 
her toy. She would talk to him always, and particularly 
when she was excited, as if he were just a baby, her pet; 
and sometimes he felt as though she would really over- 
come him mentally, make him subservient to her, she was 
so individual, so sure of her importance as a woman. 
Now on this occasion she went babbling on as if he 
were broken-hearted, in need of her greatest care and 
tenderness, although he really wasn't at all; and for 
the moment she actually made him feel as though he was.