He had not expected this so soon after what had been 
told him. He was not one to be very much interested 
in the practical joke or the surprise, but this pleased him— 
the sudden realization that he was free. Still, he had 
anticipated it so long that the charm of it had been 
discounted to a certain extent. He had been unhappy 
here, and he had not. The shame and humiliation of it, 
to begin with, had been much. Latterly, as he had 
become inured to it all, the sense of narrowness and 
humiliation had worn off. Only the consciousness of 
incarceration and delay irked him. Barring his intense 
desire for certain things—success and vindication, prin- 
cipally—he found that he could live in his narrow cell 
and be fairly comfortable. He had long since become 
used to the limy smell (used to defeat a more sickening 
one), and to the numerous rats which he quite regularly 
trapped. He had learned to take an interest in chair- 
caning, having become so proficient that he could seat 
twenty in a day if he chose, and in working in the little 
garden in spring, summer, and fall, which had been per- 
mitted him. Every evening he had studied the sky from 
his narrow yard, which resulted curiously in the gift in later 
years of a great reflecting telescope to a famous university. 
He had not looked upon himself as an ordinary prisoner, 
by any means—had not felt himself to be sufficiently pun- 
ished if a real crime had been involved. From Bonhag 
he had learned the history of many criminals here incar- 
cerated, from murderers up and down, and many had 
been pointed out to him from time to time. He had 
been escorted out into the general yard by Bonhag, had 
seen the general food of the place being prepared, had 
heard of Stener's modified life here, and so forth. It 
had finally struck him that it was not so bad, only that 
the delay to an individual like himself was wasteful. He 
could do so much now if he were out and did not have to 
fight court proceedings. Courts and jails! He shook his 
head when he thought of the waste involved in them.