business in South Third Street, and representing Win- 
gate & Co. on 'change. During the six months which 
had elapsed since he had emerged from the Eastern 
Penitentiary he had been quietly resuming financial, if not 
social, relations with those who had known him before. 
Wingate & Co. were prospering, and had been for 
some time, and that gave him a good standing. Os- 
tensibly he lived with his wife in the small house in North 
Twenty-first Street. In reality he occupied a bachelor 
apartment in North Fifteenth Street, to which his in- 
tended wife occasionally repaired. The difference between 
himself and his wife had now become a matter of common 
knowledge in the family, and, although there were some 
faint efforts made to smooth the matter over, no good 
came of it. He frankly told his parents that so far as 
he was concerned he was through with the old order 
of existence, and from now on the paths of himself and 
his wife would lie in different directions. The difficulties 
of the last two years which they had experienced had so 
inured his parents to expect the untoward and excep- 
tional that, astonishing as this was, it did not shock them 
so much as it would have years before. They were too 
much frightened by life to quarrel with its weird develop- 
ments. They could only hope and pray for the best. 
The Butler family, on the other hand, what there was 
of it, had become indifferent to Aileen's conduct. She 
was ignored by her brothers and Norah; who had heard; 
and her mother was so taken up with her religious 
devotions and her brooding contemplation of her loss 
that she was not as active in her observation of Aileen's 
life as she might have been. Besides, Cowperwood and 
his mistress were more circumspect in their conduct than 
they had ever been before. Their movements were more 
carefully guarded, though the result was the same. 
Cowperwood was thinking of the West—of reaching some 
slight local standing here in Philadelphia, and then, with 
perhaps one hundred thousand dollars in capital, starting