was provided in 1892. 
Hours of labor—x. No persons under the age of eighteen 
years shall be employed in any manufacturing establishment 
rnore than ten hours in any one day, or sixty hours per week. 
2. Notices to this effect must be posted where such persons 
are at work. (Laws of 1891, Title 1, sec. 6986.) 
Sanitary regulations.-1. The inspector shall have full charge of 
and may destroy property to meet the desired ends. 
2. He can also demand suitable closet arrangements for the 
sxes, with toilet and dressing rooms for females on the floors 
on which they work. 
Sea. provided.—The inspector may order seats for the use 
of .1111111 when not actively engaged in work. (Laws of 1891, 
chap. zo, sec. 8767.) 
Inspection.—This was provided in 1893. Official name of 
deputy of commissioner of labor changed to factory inspector. 
(Laws of 18931hap. 998, sec. 9.) 
Hours of labor.—I. No male under eighteen years and no 
woman shall work more than ten hours per day, or sixty hours 
per week. (Acts of 1887, chap. 139, sec. I.) 
2. The same rule applies to women over eighteen years, with 
the proviso that the limit of overtime in their case shall not 
3. Employers must post the time required of minors and 
women in rooms where they work. 
Sanitary regulation,—Inspectors must report bad cases to 
local boards of health, which said boards must investigate. 
Inspection.—This was provided M 1891. "The duty of 
public authorities of Missouri's cities containing soon or more 
inhabitants to appoint factory inspectors who shall inspect all